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Mzansi-born comedian Trevor Noah, who currently hosts the popular US late-night show, "The Daily Show," decided to use his international platform to weigh in on South Africa's general election by comparing EFF leader, Julius Malema to American President Donald Trump.

In the video shared on "The Daily Show's Twitter account, Noah referred to Malema as a "popular anti-establishment politician".

"If you think Trump is bad, wait until you see how Julius treats the press," Noah said before a showreel of controversial clips of Malema were played.

However, as soon as his South African fans caught wind of it, Noah faced the firing line for using his home country for "a few white laughs". One user wrote: "Trevor Noah is now being used by the US to disseminate Propaganda against our own African leaders? He's actually doing more damage to our African reputation by perpuating African stereotypes. Julius Malema is not my fave but this is unacceptable, all this for a few white laughs? (sic)".

Another even suggested that his "citizenship must be cancelled"

Some, however, felt that fans needed to calm down because Noah's just doing his job and that Malema got what was due to him.

Noah is yet to respond to the backlash.