Trevor Noah. Picture: Reuters
Trevor Noah. Picture: Reuters

Trevor Noah: IAAF’s 'Caster Semenya must compete with men' is bullsh**

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 9, 2019

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Trevor Noah is among many South Africans who have expressed their disappointment at IAAF’s latest decision to have athletes, like Mzansi's golden girl Caster Mokgadi Semenya, compete with men if they refuse to take the medication to lower their testosterone levels.

"As a South African I may be biased but this is some bullsh**," said Noah during his show The Daily Show on Wednesday in response to the IAAF’s new controversial rules regarding  female athletes with high testosterone.

He continued: "How is the IAAF going to force a woman to chemically alter her natural hormones, because they say, she’s too good?
It's not like she’s doping. She didn’t change her body in any way to gain an advantage. She just has a natural advantage."

Many more celebrities rallied behind the double 800-metre Olympic champion, taking to different social media platforms to express their rage at "humiliating" decision.

"I cannot believe how tone deaf the IAAF is ... she will not be entitled to compete in the female classification of any Restricted Event at an International Competition.

"However, she would still be entitled to COMPETE IN THE MALE classification at any competition at any level..." expressed media personality and author Khaya Dlanga. 

"They just keep the insults coming huh!?!? They want to break her. I hope Caster gives them a big🖕🏾and stops competing while these regulations exist. Why subject yourself to such acts of hatred, racism and indignity? The @IAAF needs to be rejected and censured by all of society," said radio host Azania Mosaka.

"The absolute INSULT!!!!! 😮😮😮 I’m gasping in shock & disgust.... is there no end to the amount of humiliation the @iaaforg is willing to subject this woman to???? Deplorable, shameful, sickening. SIES!!!, commented BBC World News anchor Lerato Mbele Roberts.

"Well. Now IAAF needs a laxative. They can send their mothers to go participate in men's event," commented comedienne and radio host Tumi Morake.

"Female athletes with high testosterone levels that participate in the 400m hurdles, 800m and 1 500m and mile would be welcome to compete with male athletes if they're not comfortable taking medicine to lower their testosterone levels." You can't make this stuff up. SMH IAAF, added media personality Maps Maponyane.

"IAAF is just trying to humiliate Caster,  all because of a white woman’s tears? Are Y’all saying she’s a man? You are disgusting and should be boycotted. Sies! Bunch of rubbishes!, wrote Boity's mom Modiehi Thulo.


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