Tweep trolls Prince Kaybee after motorcycle crash: ‘You are trying by all means to be Black Coffee’

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram/@princekaybee_sa

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram/@princekaybee_sa

Published Aug 30, 2023


What initially seemed like an innocuous tweet by Prince Kaybee quickly led to a fan claiming that the award winning dance music star is trying to mimic Grammy Award winning international DJ, Black Coffee.

The story started a week ago when the ‘Fetch Your Life’ hitmaker shared that he’d recently been in a motorcycle accident.

He also added that over the years he’d crashed both on tracks and public roads on several occasions.

After responding to a fan sharing how his first crash took him to hospital, Kaybee shared that his accident wasn’t that bad, “Lucky for me I haven’t gotten that far. I remember I was doing about 145km/h on track, it was a high-speed corner so I overcooked it and lost traction. I think that really rattled me for a while."

Then, a few days ago, when Kaybee shared a post on how he’d been tested “physically, mentally and emotionally” and described self pity as “disgusting”, a tweep responded, “You are trying by all means to become Black Coffee.”

Kaybee quickly fired back, “Lol yeah, I injured my arm on a motorcycle to try be another DJ. Well done on your analysis, spot on❤️🫶🏾”

Kaybee and Black Coffee have long had a testy public relationship with the two having been known to have heated exchanges on social media in the past.

Back in 2021, Kaybee lifted the lid on the reasons for his “lack of respect” towards Coffee.

In a video interview with Everything SA Music, Kaybee explained, “I've got this thing about me… I really need you to earn my respect from a very personal point.

“Respect and recognition are two different things. I can recognise you as the world's number one DJ, but you can't force me to respect you.”

He added that for him, respect was a deeply personal thing which he didn't just give out. “There is no reason for me to see him as a god – others do, but I also don’t think that Black Coffee has got a dope catalogue, from a creative perspective, as a producer and musician, I don’t think he has a great catalogue.”