Gigi Lamayne & Gugulethu Mhlungu. Picture: Instagram

Local rapper Gigi Lamayne has started this year off on the bad side of Black Twitter after posting a picture from the 'Isaga Lam' music video. 

Since leaving Mabala Noise, the 'Is'gubhu' rapper has been having a tough time in the public eye with many fans blaming her team for pushing a persona on her that feels forced. 

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The past Sunday Lamayne posted a picture of herself laying on a dirty floor with money scattered around her. 

The rapper looked visibly uncomfortable and when tweeples started dragging her, Lamayne deleted the post. 

One of the many people who commented on the picture was CapeTalk 702 presenter Gugulethu Mhlungu, who pointed out that there were cockroaches on the floor. 

Lamayne didn't take kindly to these comments and clapped back in a series of tweets to Mhlungu. 

In the tweets, the rapper brought up the 'Bonang: From A to B' first edition scandal with Mhlungu being in charge of the copy editing of the book which gained much criticism from the public. 

Mhlungu then quickly corrected Lamayne on some of her claims and started dragging Lamayne for her tweets.