AKA. Picture: Blaq Smith/Instagram

Outspoken rapper AKA took to Twitter to weigh in former US president Barack Obama's relevance to South Africans.

Ten years ago, Obama became the first African American to be elected into the US presidential office, and while the late Nelson Mandela became Mzansi's first black president more than a decade before Obama took office, both of their political careers have been lauded the across the world.

On Tuesday, thousands of people descended on Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg to hear Obama deliver a speech at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture.The lecture, organised by The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Motsepe Foundation, is part of the centenary celebration of Nelson Mandela's birth. 

AKA, however, had his own views on Obama's visit. In a Twitter post, he wrote: "I totally understand the relevance and the inspiration of Obama being the 1st black president of to an African American but people try and make it sound like its supposed to mean something to a South African who’s been living in a country run by black people for 24 years. (sic)"

While some tweeps agreed with the 'Beyoncé' hitmaker, many felt that he missed the point. One user wrote: "You are misunderstanding the point. The point is that Mandela and Barack achieved something that was thought to be impossible. The message is keep believing and keep pushing."

Another argued that millions was being spent on a lecture about things people are aware of, but yet the country still has a high unemployment rate.

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