Bishop I Makamu. Picture: Twitter

Viewers expressed their disappointment at Bishop Makamu’s hosting skills with some calling for his removal from the show.

This comes after Monday night’s episode of the reality show "Rea Tsotella" on Moja Love, DsTv channel 157, when fans felt that the Bishop appeared to have shown no sympathy for survivor, Thembeka, who was raped by her cousin’s husband about 20 years ago.

Many argue that the show is not providing guests with solutions, while some questioned the purpose of the show and the way the host conducts himself.

First, let’s take you through the emotional journey of 34-year-old Thembeka.

Thembeka was raped for two years by, Oupa, from the age of age eight. She said what prompted her coming onto the show, was the fact that he threatened to rape her four-year-old daughter.

As she relives the heart-wrenching details of her sexual assault, the emotionally overwhelmed Thembeka recalls how her own family, including her mother, didn’t believe her.

However, another family member came through to support Thembeka. She started beating Oupa in the face for not wanting to acknowledge his wrong doings, not only to Thembeka alone, but to her sister as well 

Oupa profusely denied raping Thembeka or anyone, he insists he sustained a back injury while serving 29-years in prison, therefore he couldn't have been able to sexually assault anyone.

Taking to Twitter fans expressed their rage to the man who had violated young Thembeka, calling for his arrest. But the fury was also directed to Makamu for his hosting skills.