Vusi Nova speaks about ‘Amazing Voices’ and his musical journey

Vusi Nova. Picture: Supplied

Vusi Nova. Picture: Supplied

Published May 17, 2021


If there’s one thing that can’t be denied, it is Africa’s boundless artistic talent.

From the north to the south and everywhere in between, Africa has produced some of the biggest stars and continues to influence international music, cinema, television and literature now more than ever.

One show that aims to add names to the ever-growing list of talented Africans is, “Amazing Voices”.

It is a pan-African signing reality competition show in which 10 unsigned groups from three genres take to the stage to captivate audiences and judges, claim the $100 000 prize money, and be crowned Africa’s “Amazing Voices”.

On the “Amazing Voices” stage, battles are fought and won first by the decisions groups make, and then by the performances they put up.

The judging panels include musical stars from across the continent.

South Africa’s Vusi Nova, Evelle of Nigeria, Kenya’s Filah, Zimbabwean star Ammara and Trig from Ghana.

Straight off the plane from a getaway in the Maldives, the award-winning musician.

Nova ,spoke to IOL Entertainment about his involvement in the show, and what he hopes it will do for the continent and the music industry.

“I was a selector in season one and I actually really wanted to be a judge.

“So when season two came around and I was asked to be a judge, saying ‘yes’ was easy. I went to school for music, and I think I have a lot to contribute and it’s so beautiful to just discover talent”, he said.

Describing his judging style, Nova said being honest was the best approach. “I am brutally honest with contestants.

“If the performance was incredible I say that, and if it was rubbish I will say so. My fellow judges and I have created great friendships amongst ourselves.

“We were shooting in Sun City for the longest time, we respect each other but of course there are moments on the show we disagree”.

The “As'phelelanga” hitmaker said that one of the best things about filming season two, is the step-up in the talent.

“This season the talent is amazing. The contestants came in well prepared and know what they want, which is so great”.

With a continent as diverse as Africa, Nova said that a format like Amazing Voices, showcases that diversity, culture and allows viewers to grow.

With May being Africa month, Nova echoed the words of many saying that Africa has amazing talent, but he feels that artists were not doing enough to boost each other.

“We have talent for days and what I think needs to happen is that we need to start helping each other.

“I feel like most people in the industry are always trying to keep those trying to get in out, and that’s terrible because I feel like the cake is big enough for everyone.

“I love seeing collaborations between us, that’s how we help each other”, he said.

His latest album, “Ngumama”, is a long walk from his first offering, his debut album, “Walk Into Light”.

Nova admits that his journey has been a tough one. “I struggled but with all of that I have no regrets because I learnt along the way and I am grateful for my journey and the steps I have had to take to get to the top”, he said.

Nova wants viewers to watch “Amazing Voices” and see themselves in the contestants, and find inspiration to follow their dreams.

“People on this show are from all walks of life and I hope people watch and decide to take that first step to their dreams”.

“Amazing Voices” airs on the following channels every Sunday:

South Africa: Mzansi Magic & Mzansi Wethu simulcast at 5pm

Ghana: Africa Magic at 3pm

Kenya: Maisha Magic east at 6pm

Nigeria: Africa Magic at 4pm

Zimbabwe: Zambezi Magic at 5pm

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