Cassper Nyovest. Picture: Instagram

When I think of AKA and Cassper Nyovest's ongoing feud, the lyrics " When I move you move (just like that) " from Ludacris' 2003 hit "Stand Up" comes to mind.

Why? Because one rapper's action generally prompts a reaction from the other — and so the wheel goes round and round.

Last week, AKA took to social media to slam his "fake fans" for not buying his album "Touch My Blood". His Twitter rant resulted in a flood of responses of fans "proving their loyalty" by uploading pictures of themselves holding a copy of the album — some even provided proof of purchase.

Then on Monday, Cassper Nyovest tried a humbler approach, by sharing a one-minute video of him thanking fans for their continued support. 

While some teased the rapper's isiXhosa, fans loved the rapper's gesture and promptly responded with "we love too".

Guess we'll have to keep an eye on AKA's timeline — something's surely about to drop soon...