Chi Mhende. Picture: Instagram
Chi Mhende. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Chi Mhende's 'Spread Light' video keep fans hopeful during lockdown

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Apr 1, 2020

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Actress Chi Mhende is trying to keep South Africans positive during this time of the national lockdown with her daily live videos. 

In the most recent video posted on Instagram, she spread love, light and inspiration to South Africans during this very difficult time through her storytelling.  

She captioned the post: "#SpreadLight 🕯and good Chi Love to @tshiamomobe. #Goodness" 

In the video she said: "My story of light for the day was receiving a call from Tshiamo (actress) who reminded me, even far away, even when you make mistakes, even when you feel you have done some wrong in the world, you do right for someone and by someone. 

"I'm very happy to be someone she can talk to, someone that can advise her. I'm really grateful that I have enough for her to take from my well and light her own candle. I invite you to join us for the next 18/19 days at 7am. I will be doing squats with everyone. And at 7pm I will be just chatting. 

"Sharing a story, sharing love, sharing light, so, here's to lock down, here's to staying within self, here's to continuing to love self, here's to that, here's to continuing to encourage each other and not take each other for granted."

Chi's fans sent love in the comments section to the actress. 

@vusi_nkosi said: "Your smile at the end...OMG...its so contagious and full of love...I love you how you love yourself ".

@therealkaymode_01 said:"Peace ☮️ & love Queen Chi". 

Chi added to the comments: "I'll be doing these for the remainder of the #Lockdown. JOIN ME FOR LIGHT AND SHARE YOUR STORIES of light and inspiration at this time, each day, using the hashtag #SpreadLight and tag me @chi_mhende. 7am for Squats, 7pm for the Spirit. Peace and love. Chi."  

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