WATCH: Cyan Boujee confronts Paballo, allegedly beats her up for disrespecting her

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 27, 2023


TikToker Paballo Noko got a reality check when influencer and DJ Cyan Boujee pulled up on her and demanded that she stop slandering her on TikTok.

Boujee, who’s no stranger to controversy, posted and then deleted a video in which she appeared to corner Noko before recording their interaction.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, sees Boujee demand an apology from Noko and promise to never disrespect her ever again.

“Cyan pulled up on Paballo... Do you know how messed up you have to be to be taught manners by someone like Cyan Boujee?”

Towards the end of the video, Boujee also makes her promise that she goes to school and pass her grades.

Noko then went live on TikTok a short while later to claim that she had made those remarks under duress after Boujee arrived with a man and threatened her.

She also shared images of what appeared to be bruises all over her face, which she says were inflicted by Boujee.

Noko’s mom then apparently took her to the police station to open a case against Boujee.

Social media users have been divided in their opinions of the incident.

Many have condemned Cyan Boujee for the altercation, while others have directed their ridicule towards Noko’s mom, who allegedly enabled the teenager to stir up trouble online and make club appearances.

“Paballo's mom is a pimp, why are you comfortable with your 16-year-old girl dating a man probably same age as you but accompany her to open an assault case against Cyan, meaning she has been watching and she is okay with everything,” commented @am_blujay.

“Have they arrested Cyan, she needs to be arrested,” added @azania1023. “She’s scared of Sithelo Shozi and she thinks she can take advantage of a child. Wrong as Paballo was but to corner, bully and beat her up was wrong. She should have told her to apologise not beat her.”

@ketso28 also chimed in on Noko’s mom accompanying her to the police station. “Cyan beat up the breadwinner. Of course she will have the energy to open a case against Cyan and not the older men who are preying on her kid. This is what happens when a kid is objectified by her own mother.”