Heinz Winckler, Picture: Instagram

Former 'Idols SA' winner Heinz Winckler has spoken out against the Black Monday marches and took to social media to explain his reason behind it. 

On Wednesday, the first 'Idols SA' winner went live on Facebook explaining why he would not be supporting the Black Monday protests happening today. 

Black Monday forms part of the  'Genoeg is Genoeg' movement  that has brought thousands together to speak out against the rising number of farm murders in South Africa.

South Africans were urged to wear black to show solidarity for the protesters.

In the video Winckler starts by saying that "we're playing with fire" and that "the focus is in the wrong place". 

Furthermore, he states that for "a bunch of mostly white Afrikaans people in South Africa to wear black on a day, to make a statement is not going to bring a change to this."

The singer, however, recieved a lot of backlash for his video and subsequently posted a second video in reponse to the outrage. 

In the video he states in Afrikaans that a "reaction come about that he did not expect" and that a lot of people took "offence" and that he "angered" some of his fans.

Furthermore, he apologised  if anyone took offence to his statement  and that while he is an Afrikaner he is a South African first. Stating that his heart goes out to the 19 000 other people in the country that were also murdered in the last year. 

He added the point he was trying to make in the video is that South Africans should unite and fight against the darkness in the country