Lasizwe. Picture: Twitter
Lasizwe. Picture: Twitter

WATCH: Lasizwe’s 'black mom' finds 'cure' for the coronavirus

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Mar 11, 2020

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Let’s be honest, irrespective of our class, race or creed and all the many challenges we face as a country, South Africans have one thing in common and it's wicked sense of humour.

And in spite of how serious the situation may seem, peeps will find a light side of things.

Since the coronavirus outbreak a few weeks ago, South Africans have taken to different social media platforms, all sorts of jokes and joining in the fun is YouTuber and comedian Lasizwe Dambuza.

On the latest episode of Lasizwe’s skits titled “The Signs Of The Corolla Various Black Mom VS White Mom” the YouTuber illustrates how a Black mother and a White mother react to coronavirus.

The video starts off with a white mom who receives a call from a friend who is inquiring about Nathan, who seems to have flu like symptoms such as a fever, coughing and sneezing. 

The mom is speaking calmly, calls the doctor and although the doctor hints that her son could be dying, the white mom is chilled. No panic whatsoever.

The second part of the skit Lasizwe portrays the black  mother yelling at Tshepo to “close his ears’ when he’s sneezing. “Now you’re going to give us Corolla virus,” says the black mom.

Watch the video below:

Black Twitter couldn't agree more with Lasizwe. Here are some of the reactions:

It's evident that South African is the creative hub for songs and dance. Now there's a songs and a the dance about the coronavirus. There's absolutely no chill in Mzansi. 

Check the video below:

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