Moonchild Sanelly. Picture: Instagram
Moonchild Sanelly. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Moonchild Sanelly calls out SA radio for double standards

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 11, 2020

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Local artist Moonchild Sanelly has called out South African radio stations for their double standards with regards to songs about women's bodies.

Over the weekend, the "Midnight Starring" star let off some steam about the double standard with regards to her speaking about women's bodies concerning her song "Aksies" which led to it being pulled from the air. 

According to Moonchild, "Askies" by Mr JazziQ  - which she is featured on - was pulled from radio airplay due to explicit content. 

In the video, she asks: "How many women are objectified by men in songs and play them on radio? How many? 

"How many international songs that you play that don't celebrate women but talk about women being objectified by rappers?

"How many? And now you're gonna take down a song that makes every single woman no matter the size feel confident. Askies?"

The "iWalk Ye Phara" hitmaker goes on to call out the South African radio stations since songs where women get objectified by men receive endless airplay., while her song which is celebrating women's bodies is deemed as explicit, even though she doesn't swear in it.

She ends the video by pleaded with her fans to write to South African radio stations to play "Askies" since she believes it's a song that makes people feel good about their bodies. 

Watch the video below:


— Moonchild Sanelly (@Moonsanelly)

Moonchild's fans applauded her for speaking out and showed their support in responses to the video. 

Heyyy nina bo radio play this song!!!!!!!! @METROFMSA @ukhozi_fm We want @Moonsanelly ASKIES on radio too!!! #MoonchildAskiesChallenge😤

— Sibu Mabena (@sibumabena) May 9, 2020

They are simply hypocrites. Unfortunately, this has to do with elements of patriarchy, misogyny and chauvinistic mindset. Typical, glad you challenging!!!

— Ntola Matuka (@NTOLAS) May 9, 2020

South African radio stations were blasting a song about doing coke up your nose for all of last year & we get a woman singing about owning her body & its somehow explicit ?! Are we all living on the same planet 🥴

— Mhlengi Mpungose (@GottaHaveMC) May 9, 2020

The song literally screams body positivity- that all bodies must be seen in a positive light!

It calls for an appreciation for one’s body #thunderthighschallenge

The SAn Radio stations are way beyond unreasonable for this!

— Yammie Hearts and Curves (@OyamaBotha) May 9, 2020

I just had to go and get it #Askies

— kèlow Christopher 💭 (@kelow_C) May 9, 2020

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