Nadia and Nawal Jaftha. Picture: Instagram
Nadia Jaftha has been a hot topic since a flyer promoting her 16 November birthday party at Saint Champagne Bar and Lounge started circulating on social media. 

The social media influencer was dragged for the hefty prices and now her mother, Nawal, has weighed in on the situation.

Posting a video on Nadia's Instagram, her mother addresses all the hoopla the steep prices have caused on social media. 

Nawal jokes about the R15k price tag and that it's not Nadia's party but hers complete with "breyani", "chicken livers",  "chicken feet" and even "boeber" for dessert. 

However, she also addressed the "sh*t stirrer" and said that he can bring the pot with him to the party. 

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This party is going to be LIT😂😂😂😂

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Upon further investigation, IOL Entertainment found that the table prices on the flyer are normal pricing which includes a bar tab for the amount stated on the flyer per tier. 

And if you get peckish you can also arrange beforehand with the club to have snacks included in your tab.