Nasty C. Picture: Twitter

Since the start of the week, local rapper Nasty C has been dropping hints, teasing his fans on social media about dropping a mysterious #1120under5. 

Social media theorists weighed in on the matter, with some guessing that #1120under5 is the name of the rapper's new album, while others thought  Nasty C could be dropping a new fashion line. 

But it turns out that is Nasty has partnered with renowned international chicken brand, KFC for their “Add Hope” campaign to help reduce the number of children dying of hunger in South Africa.

The statistics revealed that 1120 children under the age of five die of malnutrition in South Africa, so with October being World Hunger Month, “Add Hope”, KFC’s national feeding programme that feeds over 120 000 children has partnered with some of South Africa’s celebs to put childhood hunger to a stop.

Joining the "Strings and Bling" hitmaker in the campaign are fellow musicians ProVerb, Distruction Boyz, DJ Sgqemeza, Selby Mkhize, Slikour and Johannesburg-based illustrator and art director, Lazi Mathebula.

Mathebula is the mastermind behind the wall mural displaying the new campaign. He is one of 50 illustrators chosen from around the world to showcase their work at The Path Less Deconstructed, an exhibition at the .M Contemporary art gallery in Sydney, Australia that opened on 14 December 2013.  In the same year, he was selected as one of Design Indaba emerging creative people.

Commenting on the campaign, Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC Public Affairs Director and Add Hope champion said: “It’s unthinkable that children in our country are still dying from hunger and malnutrition, both preventable causes, with stunting affecting millions more. While this is an issue that should have our attention, sadly, people have become numb to bad news.

"In fact, you don’t need to look far, our social media timelines are flooded with headlines that shouldn’t trend, while the important ones get lost in the news cycle. So, this year, our job is to get people to rethink how they feel about this childhood hunger - bringing it to their attention in an unconventional way by working with like-minded people who believe in the cause to make this alarming stat trend in SA”.