Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi celebrated her 30th birth earlier this month, and in delayed social media post of her birthday dinner speech reveals that the local actress took time to thank fellow TV personality Basetsana Kumalo for her friendship.

Being nostalgic on milestone birthdays is not uncommon, and a teary-eyed Thusi couldn't help but tell a story of how Kumalo has been there for her over the years in the industry.

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In this specific story, Thusi shared how Kumalo helped her "bury her grandmother" when the star couldn't afford to do it. 

Kumalo bought Thusi and her daughter aeroplane tickets to Durban and paid for a hired car, enabling the actress to be present when her grandmother was laid to rest. 

The 'The Scorpion King: Book of Souls' captioned the video: "Dear Bassie...” This was part of my speech on my birthday... it’s such an honour to get to celebrate the people who’ve help moguls who you are. And you, @basetsanakumalo, have been a rock and shield in my life without wavering. I hope God continues to bless you abundantly. I love you."