Sophie Lichaba. Picture: Instagram
Sophie Lichaba. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Sophie Lichaba says Mzansi doesn't realise the pain of their weight loss jokes

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Feb 27, 2020

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Actress Sophie Lichaba, who has come under attack for her weight loss and has often had jokes made about her, has again hit back at those who ridiculed her. 

She previously said that many South Africans don't know what it is like to lose half themselves and think it is a joke.

Speaking on "Afternoon Express" this week, the former "Generations" star shared some of the vicious remarks that South Africans had made towards her after she started losing weight while being interviewed by Palesa Tembe. 

“I think South Africans don't realise the pain and the journey of losing half yourself and think it's a joke", she said. 

“There is nobody that wants to lose half themselves. There is nobody that wants to fight every day, while on the left and the right you're getting attacked and behind you, because you can't see at the same time who's attacking you and from where.” 

She further said that losing yourself is one of the biggest loses. "You can lose money, you can lose property but you have yourself before anything else so that journey is what has been the hardest and is still the hardest". 

Sophie, who is currently starring on "Lockdown", said that she challenged those who constantly speak about her and others to go get tested. "I said that all those who call me names must go get tested. Before you start pointing your finger at your neighbour or anybody else, whatever you are pointing fingers at, start with yourself". 

Watch the video below:

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