South African-born actress Lesley-Ann Brandt. Picture: Instagram

Hot on the heels as South Africa being ranked the second sexiest accent in the world, Mzansi-born actress Lesley-Ann Brandt,  who plays Maze, a demon in the popular Netflix series, "Lucifer," had fans stanning when she dropped a line in Afrikaans.

In the scene, Dr Linda tells Maze that perhaps it would help if she spoke her language to work through some emotional issues. Maze replies:

“Kan jy vir my verstaan wat ek praat? Want ek wil saam met jou praat en jy kan nie", which loosely translate to: can you understand what I am saying because I want to talk to you and you can’t?”

Netflix South Africa later took to Facebook to pose the question, is Afrikaans the official language of hell then?

Brandt, also took to Twitter on Friday to remind her South African fans to get a copy of a Women's Mag and to watch "Lucifer," because "ek watch vir jou".

The Netflix series revolves around the devil, Lucifer Morningstar, who escaped hell to live in Los Angeles and has a demon sidekick called Maze.