WATCH: The five biggest songs of AKA’s career #RIPAKA

AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 11, 2023


While AKA was among the most polarising personalities in South African entertainment, one thing that was beyond reproach was his talent as a musician.

Over the past fifteen years the Supa Mega compiled an exceptional body of work that is widely regarded as the most impressive catalogue in the history of SA hip-hop.

AKA. Picture: Instagram

From his early days rapping with a chip on his shoulder to his latter years dabbling more in the pop rap space, the 35-year-old gave us countless bangers.

So what better way to commemorate his life than to look back at his biggest - and most impactful - hits.


Throughout his career, AKA never shied away from beef. In fact it often seemed like he embraced it and fed off the energy of feuding with his rivals.

In 2015, at the absolute height of his career, AKA released “Composure”.

As soon as it arrived, the song was an instant hit with fans across the country.

“Composure” saw AKA ruthlessly take jabs at long-time rival Cassper Nyovest and former collaborator Anatii. The song still shuts things down when it comes on in the club — an absolute classic.

“All Eyes on Me”

The summer of 2014 was dominated by “All Eyes on Me” in a way we’d never seen before.

At some point, you couldn’t go to a party, event, braai or any other social gathering without hearing this anthem.

The mood was so vibrant, celebratory and infectious. The video, which was themed as a house party featuring several celebrity cameo appearances, fit the vibe so perfectly.

The song also signified Burna Boy’s arrival as a star to be reckoned with.

“The World Is Yours”

AKA was in desperate need of a hit single when he released “The World Is Yours” in 2016.

Earlier in the year he’d taken a huge risk in moving away from a tried and tested formula with his single “One Time”.

That didn’t work out well and many saw it as the end of an era. But AKA quickly shut that down with arguably the best song of his career at that point.

That iconic sample of Boom Clap Bachelors’ “ Lob Stop Sta” and AKA’s shoulder roll to it will live long in our memories.

“Fela In Versace”

When “Touch My Blood” came out, “Fela in Versace” was not initially pushed as the album’s money shot single. Instead it was “Fully In” that was widely promoted during the album’s roll-out.

But within days of release, “Fela In Versace” was a clear favourite among fans and AKA was forced to make it the priority release.

And boy did it pay off.

“Fela In Versace” became one of the biggest songs of 2018 and was certified multi platinum.

“Lemons (Lemonade)”

As AKA’s career progressed, he became less interested in intricate rhyme schemes and punchy lyrics.

Instead, he intentionally started tapping into music that was more playful and colourful.

One such example is his latest hit single, “Lemons (Lemonade)”. On it, the Supa Mega raps and sings cozily over a sumptuous beat he co-produced.

It feels effortlessly cool and easy, like a proper summertime anthem.