WATCH: Toss’ adorable close up moment with Boity: ‘I’m next to Boity!’

Boity and Toss. Picture: Screenshot Instagram

Boity and Toss. Picture: Screenshot Instagram

Published May 31, 2023


South African rapper, actress and presenter Boity Thulo is one of the most followed celebrities in the country.

When one mentions Mzansi A-Listers, her name can’t not be included, so it’s understandable that rising star Toss was star-struck when he interacted with her.

Thulo shared a video on her Instagram account where she is seen talking to the “Umlando” hitmaker as they bump into each at a hotel venue.

Toss is seen in awe of Thulo and keeps gasping as he asks her if she is actually real and shouts, “I’m next to Boity!” and is clearly in awe of the “Wuz Dat” hitmaker.

In the clip, Thulo is seen dressed in shorts and a bra-let and is covering her head with a scarf. Toss is dressed in leather pants and a black bomber jacket, making many wonder what was the weather on day the two met.

Celebrity stylist Phupho Gumede asked: “What was the weather on this day?😭”

Innluu wrote: “Still confused if it was hot or cold on this day!!!! 🤭🤭”

Some of Thulo’s fans could understand why Toss was so excited to be seeing the famous personality and others side-eyed him for getting so excited.

@lordwami tweeted: “Toss grow up when boity was the girl I understand.”

— HIM (@lordwami) May 29, 2023

@Tshepotmos tweeted: “I do not blame Toss Boity is a real beauty, Saw her about 2 weeks ago and I thought holy flip who is this beautiful woman.when I got closer it was Boity.😅😅😅She is flames flames.”

@DiddyAftermath said: “Boity is the premium baddie we grew up seeing on tv before the new wave baddies ya bo mihlali dawg😂so i get why Toss acted this way.maybe she was his childhood baddie🤷‍♂️”