Trevor Noah and Miguel Pregueiro. Picture: Instagram/Sean Gallagher
Trevor Noah and Miguel Pregueiro. Picture: Instagram/Sean Gallagher

WATCH: Trevor Noah’s ‘white brother’ leaves fans shook

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Apr 14, 2020

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TikTok star and singer Miguel Pregueiro left fans shook over the weekend after a video him reaching out to Trevor Noah went viral.

In the video posted by Pregueiro on TikTok, he addressed Noah and says that many of his followers have pointed out that he looks like "The Daily Show" host.

He goes into a hilarious skit about why people think they could look alike including his hair, dimples and smile. 

Pregueiro then reaches out to Noah and asks to respond and joking said, "this has nothing to do with the fact that you have an influence that might just project me to the next level of my career. And get me to where I want to and fulfil all my dreams...This has to do with the fact that we might be brothers."

He ends off by leaning into the camera saying that what he said was a lie and that his followers must please tag Noah to get a follow back.  

Miguel Pregueiro. Video: TikTok

Following this, the video was re-posted on Twitter and tweeps were left shook at the similarities between the two men.

This is our deputy Trevor from now on

— Double You (@wati___) April 13, 2020

THIS GUY IS GORGEOUS! Okay, that's all I came to say, thanks for making my day! And yes @Trevornoah he does look like you, or visa versa!

— Cee (@CeecesTravel) April 13, 2020

That is Trevor's repeat! Eish!!

— Chileh Pedro (@chilehp) April 13, 2020

Nahhhh! This is @Trevornoah Brother.

I don't care, they are brothers by DNA, RNA even by NWA

They both talk and act the same way.

He should practice speaking xosa.

Vote for Trev got to interview his Twin.


— 💜 Trace Scorch 👁 Doctor Trace. (@TraceScorch) April 13, 2020

🤯Haibo they look terms and conditions.... Eh @Trevornoah iza😲

— NabeelaNabzHamilton (@Nabeela86362039) April 13, 2020

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