Youngsta CPT. Picture: Supplied

Local rapper Youngsta CPT lost his cool during his set at Rocking the Daisies when some of the festival-goers threw things on stage during his set.

As the rapper was busy with his set at the 'Trap House' at the annual festival some the festival-goers thought it would funny to throw things on stage while he is busy.

The rapper then lost his cool and said: "Don't take me for a p**s n***er."

He continued: "Ïf you throw something again I'm gonna kick you in your p**s here bru."

Youngsta then said that he spent time in the "crack house" and a "smokkelhuis" and that there's "f**k all" you can tell him.

Warning explicit video below:
The rapper did, however, finish his set finish his set with the crowd enjoying his songs 'Salutas' and Wes-Kaap.