Menzi "Vat Bro" Dladla and Siba Mpanza, Picture: Twitter
Twitter was set on fire on Monday after YouTuber Sibu Mpanza posted a video of Menzi Dladla, dubbed Vat Bro, refusing to leave the premises of a girl he brought home from the club the previous night.

In the video, Dladla goes on a full rant, saying that he has R20 million business and asking the unnamed woman "Do you even know what VAT is?". She then asked him to leave, but he refused.

Mpanza filmed the entire exchange and when Dladla noticed he was being filmed, he directed his attention to the YouTuber. 

Dladla then continued with his rant saying: "I took her b*tch **s and took her from the club and got her here cause she was drunk and couldn't get here. Then she's gonna tell my **s ah no."

Mpanza then politely asked him to leave but Dladla seemed to be in his own world because his reply was random. He said:  "You know what's the biggest issue, it's that blacks don't have businesses". Adding that "SARS doesn't give a f**k about her" and going to talk about the millions he's made. And then he left.

After Mpanza shared the video, Dladla tried to call him. However, Mpanza did not answer the calls.

Mpanza then shared that one of Dladla's friends messaged him telling to "get ready" implying they want to have a physical altercation. 

Dladla then sent an email to Mpanza and while the YouTuber didn't share the email he received, he did share his response.

Tweeps then weighed in on Vat Bro with both hilariously and serious responses to the video. 

IOL Entertainment did contact Mpanza for comment, but said he was advised to not say anything at this point and time.