Zodwa Wabantu and her son. Picture: Screengrab/Instagram
Zodwa Wabantu and her son. Picture: Screengrab/Instagram

WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu and her son are the cutest

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Jul 4, 2018

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Zodwa is known for her dance moves and being comfortable enough in her own skin, so much show that she shows off a lot of skin whenever she steps out. 

As open as she is about her struggles growing up and being in the entertainment industry, Wabantu very rarely speaks about her relationship status or even being a mother, which she is. 

During a 2017 interview, Wabantu said: "I won't lie and say we get along all the time or that he is happy with everything I do, because that isn't the truth".

Adding that when she is at home she is "just a normal mom."

And that's evident in the cute video the entertainer shared of her and her son enjoying a day out in Durban on Tuesday. Wabantu was at the car wash and took her son along with her for what she called 'mommy duties'. 

In the video, which she posted on Instagram, Wabantu "sings", "Hi everyone, I am playing mommy mommy duties", to which her son responds, "I'm playing baby baby duties". 

Wabantu also previously revealed that she cut ties with her son's father long ago, although she doesn't stop their relationship. She said she maintained a relationship with his son's paternal grandmother for his sake.

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