Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu quashed death hoax rumours, making it clear people like her just won't die. 

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In a video posted on her Instagram page, Zodwa set the record straight in true Zodwa fashion. 

"Guys I'm not dead. What could possibly kill me? People like me just don't die. I'm not dead. How many times must you call me to say Zodwa is dead? People like me, they don't die, they don't just die." 

Speaking to TsishaLive, Zodwa stated that she had been receiving calls from people asking her about the death hoax rumours.

The dancer also said that when death rumours are thrown around it's usually for high profile celebrities and it was a clear sign that her hustle is working. She also says that she has no plans of dying anytime because she is booked. 

"Look, I have no time for people who want to kill me because I am working hard for my cash. I have confirmed bookings till September, that have been paid for already. Why would I just die?"