Zodwa Wabantu and her son. Picture: Screengrab/Instagram

Zodwa Wabantu has always emphasised that her son's future is one of her top priorities, and on the rare occasion gives fans to insight into their mother-son relationship on social media.

During an interview with TshisaLive last year, the local entertainer said: "I won't lie and say we get along all the time or that he is happy with everything I do because that isn't the truth.

"We have a standard mother-son relationship. We talk about everything -  the good and the bad."

Wabantu also recently revealed - while gushing over her son's good grades in an Instagram video - that she will be his "date" at his farewell at the end of the month. 

Now Wabantu has shared a cute video of herself and her son talking about "girlfriends", and it would seem that Vuyo shares his mother's sentiments about his education coming first.

In the video, Wabantu asks Vuyo about his girlfriend. He reveals that he doesn't have one - for now - and is focussing on his school work. Wabantu is visibly impressed with his answer and quips that he must make her proud because she was "dom" at school. He giggles in response.

Watch the cute exchange below.