Year of the Queen. PICTURE: Instagram

After God, good genes and hard work, we have presenter Andile Ncube to thank for 'grooming' our very own Queen B. He took to Instagram, to share an 2007 magazine cover of him and Bonang.

He captioned it, "Just found this in the house and it brought back such memories @bonang_m and I on our very 1st ever cover.

I often take a moment to look at the amazing talents and careers that have come because of this idea I had for a music show that became LIVE and know that had I not found the perfect partner in B* (or as she called herself then Bo) the many that came after would've never had this opprtunity... #December2007 #10yearslater 🅰❤"

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Bonang was the second person to comment on the nostalgic picture, admitting how Andile helped change her life for the better.

"You changed my life. @andilencube!! I'll forever be grateful to you.... Made my dreams come true!! THANK YOU!!" Quuen B wrote.