Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Supplied

Controversial Durban socialite Zodwa Wabantu says she is prioritising taking take of herself first before providing support for her family.

As most black South African are aware 'black tax' is what happens when some send money back home to help support their family financially. 

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the socialite admitted that she understands the responsibility she has towards her family and she will never fail to take care of them. 

"I always go home and help where I can... Because it's home, whether it's a back room or just a garage, it is my home. I'll always support them," she said.

She said that she is willing to buy the essentials despite any 'other' expectation her family might have of her. 

"I know I won't buy them a gate or extend the four-room because it is my grandmother's place. It is not my house... But one day when you are down and out, they will be the same people that are evicting you, saying 'go back to the nice places you are used to'. So I would rather have my own house," she said.

The socialite then revealed that she is saving to build her dream house and once that is done she will invest in repairing the home she grew up in.