Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu wants to make it clear that she is not violent, but if you touch her she will show you flames. 

This comes after a video surfaced of the Zodwa literally snatching a woman's wig at the DJ Easter Festival at Moriting Park in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni on Sunday. 

It initially seemed that Zodwa was unprovoked with the first video only showing Zodwa snatching the unknown woman's wig.

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A second video shows the full altercation as the unknown woman threw a drink at Zodwa first and the wig snatching was in response to that. 

Speaking to TsishaLIVE, Zodwa made it clear she was only defending herself from a woman who was trying to come for her physically. 

"I’m just glad there was a video that showed everything that happened, unlike the other one-sided videos I’ve seen before. 

Look, I didn’t klap or hit anyone. If you look at the video, who is displaying violent behaviour? I am not violent but if you touch me then that’s when you’ll see flames.

 I could have done worse if I was violent. But I won’t even defend myself to say I am not a violent person. 

People can say whatever they want to say about me but if you touch me, as in physically, I’ll respond accordingly."

While Zodwa usually aims to take the high road when it comes to people saying mean things about her, she felt that the unknown woman took it too far. 

"I was just defending myself after a random person I don’t even know, threw two of their drinks at me. For no apparent reason."

She also revealed that after she snatched the wig that she threw it to the crowd to do as they please with it. 

"I threw the wig back to the crowd and they were tossing it around and playing with it. I didn’t actually care for it."