Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram/@zodwalibram

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu might be fearless on stage but after being deported from Zambia she was scared it would happen when she travelled to the US.

While her vosho skills are unmatched, the local dancer recently revealed that she was scared she won't be able to enter the US after being deported from Zambia in March on her way to gig in Lusaka.

Speaking to TsishaLIVE, Wabantu admitted that while she successfully entered the UK, the Zambia experience placed some fear in her that her US trip would end at the airport.

"I was scared when I was going to the US that they wouldn't let me pass. I was thinking about Zambia and how they told me to go back home. You have to be careful with international trips."

All her fears fell away after she entered America and international demand for the vosho queen is only growing.

Wabantu has touched down in Perth, Australia and she can't be more excited to bring the "Zodwa experience" down under.

"They have all heard about Zodwa and they want to see Zodwa. I go to my fans because I am for the people. I am Zodwa of the people. They can expect me to be crazy and myself," she said.

"I won't change because now I am somewhere else. I read from the crowd and I will give them a show. I will show them what I do at home."