Durban socialite Zodwa Wabantu.

Zodwa Wabantu has slammed recent reports that she recently purchased a R4.5 million mansion in Durban "as lies".

"I didn't buy a R4.5-million house. It's all lies." she said.

The controversial entertainer made headlines more than once in recent weeks. 

Two weeks ago, Zodwa, who is famous for her sultry moves and revealing clothes, took to social media inquiring about work at a popular Johannesburg strip joint.

Zodwa explained that since she has been called a prostitute and stripper for the way she dances and dresses, she may as well become a stripper for real and get paid for her sexy dancing.

Zodwa Wabantu wants to be a stripper

Then last week, she made headlines again after the Zimbabwean acting minister of Tourism and Hospitality Patrick Zhuwao ruled that the Zodwa will not be allowed to perform at the Harare International Carnival.

This happened after actress Anne Nhira complained to the tourism board that Zodwa should not be invited because she was not a Zimbabwean, she dressed scantily and she was a lesbian.

Zodwa Wabantu packs bags for Zimbabwe carnival

However, Zodwa denied those claims too saying that she never received official communication from the carnival organiser telling her she cannot attend the event.

"The gentleman from the organisers I spoke to yesterday (Wednesday) said I must not consider social media news as a cancellation, because until I get a cancellation letter from them I am still booked. I also told them to rather provide an outfit for me if they feel the need to, especially the panty they were worried about. Nothing will stop me from going to Zimbabwe, I love those people and they love me," she said.

Zodwa also accused people of "fabricating stories."

"Two weeks ago there were rumours that I was shot and killed in a club... People are fabricating stories about me," she said.