Moshe Ndiki. Picture: Chris Townsend

'Prince' Moshe Ndiki is set to rule our TV screens this year.

With two popular shows under his belt for this year, Moshe Ndiki is a happy man. The entertainer bagged a role on Mzansi Magic drama The Queen, and was also announced as the new presenter of popular dating show, Uyang’thanda Na. 

“I was called by Ferguson Films towards the end of last year. They said they had been writing a character for me and asked if I was interested in meeting with them. Before they said anything else, I agreed – I was not going to let this opportunity pass,” he said. 

Ndiki bagged the role of Prince, a flamboyant young man who works as Harriet Khoza’s (Connie Ferguson) assistant. “I watch The Queen religiously, so I am sure they knew I was a fan because I tweet about it every night,” he said. 

Speaking about his character, Ndiki said: “We are from very different backgrounds. We are both gay, but when he came out to his family he was disowned, whereas when I came out to my family, they were very accepting. His hardships have been really intense and he is actually a very emotional person. He can also be very extra when he wants to be.” 

Ndiki said that although he is gay, playing a gay character is not as easy for him as people think. “The only thing we have in common is our sexuality, so at first it was difficult because I struggled to find who he is. I would do things very differently to the way Prince would and getting into his character was difficult, but Connie really helped me with that,” he said. 

On working alongside a legend like Ferguson, Ndiki said he considers himself very blessed. “It’s absolutely mind-blowing, to be honest. I mean, I grew up watching this lady as Karabo Moroka. I remember the first day on set, I was, like, “Hey Karabo” and we laughed. She is warm and very welcoming and always willing to help. She is always teaching me something new.” 

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He also said that, although Prince will stir up some drama, he is also there to protect Harriet. “Everyone has stabbed her in the back, especially the people she loves the most, so he wants to protect her. Prince is very loyal and gets a lot of love from Harriet, which he appreciates as he was disowned by his family.” 

Ndiki started his career as a vlogger, posting comedic videos on YouTube. After gaining internet popularity, he got a few MC jobs and soon became a presenter for MTV Base. 

“I got the call for Uyang’thanda Na first; they just asked me to come in for a screening audition. It’s a show I enjoy watching, so even the thought of being able to present it was exciting. After my audition I got another call, but I didn't think anything would come of it. When I arrived at the office, they handed me my contract – I couldn’t believe it. God has been so good to me,” he said. 

* Ndiki replaces season one presenter Tats Nkonzo. “I just want to make this show my own.”