DJ Sbu

DJ Sbu shared a heartfelt letter on Instagram last year when his cute daughter - whom he refers to fondly as Wawa - turned three. As he walks into the room, carrying Mofaya (as he always does), I ask him how old his other baby (referring to Mofaya) is. 

He says unassumingly, "Mofaya is three years old" and after a minute or two we make the connection that Mofaya is actually the same age as Wawa. He stops and gets lost in thoughts for a few seconds then says, "Wow, so when my Wawa turns 18, Mofaya will be 18 too." 

I see how he beams when he talks about his Wawa and the twin that is Mofaya. He explains that he hopes his little girl won't grow at the same pace as Mofaya because it is growing extremely fast. He reasons, "Mofaya water will be out in 2017, followed by carbonated drinks, like Mofaya Orange, Lemonade, Cola etc. then alcohol. I am building my own Coca Cola but bigger," which illustrates the rate at which his beverage business plan is about to move at rocket speed.

Speaking of entrepreneurship, he tells me that his second book which follows up to 'Leadership 2020' is 70% complete. He says that it will be the book to have for every aspiring entrepreneur and give them guidelines of the world of business.

"The book is called 'Billionaires Under Construction'. Billionaire not as in the monetary value but in the sense of abundance of thinking. It is going to become the entrepreneur handbook based on my life story," he says.

The book will have 12 chapters, with each chapter speaking to different element of DJ Sbu as an entrepreneur and the experiences that has shaped him.

The DJ is a very busy body and the way he lives each day might even lead you to believe he has extra hours in the day. He often starts his days at 3 or 4 am with prayer then exercise. Each day brings new things for DJ Sbu who also been documenting his life on social media for all to see. He moves form hosting the simulcast radio breakfast show to shouting Mofaya on a street corner in Johannesburg, all with such energy; I have to ask how he does it.

He says, "It's all about the vision. Where I am right now, no one can "stop my go" because no matter the challenge, I have seen my destination, no matter what. Also I am living my brands; every different element is an extension of who I am. It is not work, it is me living."

He goes on to say that one of the greatest challenges he has faced being at the forefront of innovation, is being misunderstood.

"Greatness is often misunderstood. I mean look at Kanye, when he said I am running for POTUS in 2020 everybody thought he was crazy and his ideas were too far fetched. But now that Trump has won, suddenly it doesn't seem like such a crazy idea," he explains.

It's clear that the man is an over achiever and he says he has always wanted more, so I ask him if he thinks he has the more he has always been looking for.

"What you see in me at this moment is a man who knows his purpose. I can afford to do what I love just because I love it, not for the money. So now all my prayers are prayers of gratitude because God has given me more than the more I asked for."

 He explains that someone made him realise that he is "DJ Sbu" and he has to give people music, so he is going back to his roots. 

Satisfied with the answer, I think out loud about him releasing his December jam 'Ndingubane' featuring singer Zahara for free and that moves the conversation to DJ Sbu returning to his first love, which is music. 

"I am going to release my album around Easter time in 2017," he says. The album will feature musicians such as J Something of Micasa, Berita, Portia Monique, Simphiwe Dana and Toya Delazy.