Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Instagram

Local superstar Somizi Mhlongo has reportedly been hit with R2.5 million tax bill.

According to the Sunday World, the South African Revenue Service (Sars) has been awarded a court judgment against Somizi. 

The Idols SA judge has supposedly failed to pay R2.2 million which then increased to R2.5 million when interest was incurred from 2016 to 2017.

The local newspaper allegedly got in contact with an A-list accountant who said: 

"After a series of meetings and correspondences with him, they went to the South Gauteng High Court where they obtained that judgment against him. But, according to the current status of his account, the amount has ballooned to almost R2.5-million because last year he was in arrears of about R187000. They then imposed interest, that is why the account is where it is now." 

Somgaga is known for flaunting his lavish lifestyle on social media. The TV personality is regularly seen with high-end luxury products and is looking for a new home that's valued at R6 million.

I travel light. Pun intended.

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The anonymous account adds that: "If they find that there is no correlation between what he has submitted and his income then they will attach and auction off his assets to recoup what's due to them".