The luxurious, and expensive fabric that is called raw silk is the inspiration behind the new fashion search talent show set to air that starts on Tuesday on SABC 1 on Tuesday.

The show gives young designers a chance to launch their careers, and is hosted by television and radio personality Pearl Modiadie.

Raw Silk was created by Ole Ledimo, South African designer and founder of label House of Ole. He will judge with fashion and make-up artist Nthato Mashishi, as well as fashion and designer Yasmin Furmie.

The Sunday Independent caught up with Ledimo and Mashishi, on a busy Friday afternoon.

Ole was putting finishing touches to designs he prepared for several celebrities attending the The Sun Met that took place last week.

The passion and excitement from the both Ole and Mashishi, revealed what fashion means to them. Their show will be SA’s first that seeks to inspire others to take pride in local designers.

“Most of the designers internationally zoom into the continent for trends, so if we can have that awakening in South Africa – if not the continent – that we do have what it takes, we are a very creative continent, and we are gifted when it comes to fashion, then we can go a long way,’’ saidsays Ledimo.

He said this new show proves that there is progress in the industry, and that some doors are opening with people buying into the concept of fashion.

It’s a platform that gives an opportunity to will show the country a glimpse of what fashion designing is about in South Africahe adds.

The name Raw Silk speaks to the raw talent that is not tapped into and groomed for different reasons, according to Ledimo. “Some of these kids are coming from a background where parents cannot afford to take them to school, but they are very talented designers.’’

says Ledimo

“We didn’t only take designers from schools; we took designers from underprivileged communities, and black designers and we were very intentional about that.

“So they are raw as they are coming into the show and we are hoping that they won’t be raw anymore after the show. They would be a polished, ready to wear silk.”

The show has 13 episodes, and there are with eliminations in each until there is only one designer standing.

Mashishi says: "The one episode is divided into three, location of inspiration, and then from there they have to take the inspirations and make a garment, present and then go home, and there are cameras everywhere, it's reality."“On the show you are going to see drama, creativity, and you are going to see suspense, and colour. It’s going to be explosive and every episode is like that, most of time it stems from me provoking them, because I know what they are capable of, and sometimes if they don’t deliver, I would stir the pot.’’

The format of the show is modelled on US’s Project Runway and The audience gets to will go on a journey with the hopefuls, from the moment they pencil their designs down, to buying the fabric and finally seeing their designs come alive.

The contestants are given a budget to create their designs and have to later sell their creations to the guest judge, proving to the usual panel that they have what it takes to make it through to the next round.

By doing this the judges are hoping to teach the hopefuls how to impress a paying customer.

The winner will walk away withget a cash prize of R100 000 and an opportunity the opportunity to work with one of the judges to put out a collection for this year.Hope is strong for a second season following after this.

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