Siba Mtongana

Local celebrity chef Siba Mtongana has joined the likes of Pearl Thusi & DJ Zinhle by taking the US by storm.

The “Siba's Table” star is currently on tour in th US as part of her role as global ambassador for the Stop Hunger Now campaign.

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As part of her tour Siba attended various events, and appeared on an American radio show.

See the pics below:


#SituationRightNow #HeartWarmingStory #WorthARead Today is a very special day for me. For those who have a copy of my book, you will recall a story I tell about a 9 year old girl from the US who all she wanted for Christmas in 2014 was a copy of my cookbook. They searched everywhere online, bookstores etc and couldn't find one. By that time I didn't have a cookbook and because of my busy schedule I kept on postponing producing one. When I saw a message on my Facebook inbox from her mom telling me about her daughters Christmas wish it was that turning point that inspired me to drop everything, close my eyes and JUST DO IT!✒️ Mind you, I was highly pregnant with Buhle at that time👀. Lorelei is a huge mini fan who always watches my show #SibasTable on the @cookingchannel from Philadelphia in the States. When my book #MyTable by #SibaMtongana was finally completed and on shelf in South Africa, I organised a copy to be courried to her before Christmas '15. Guess what? I found out recently from her mom that she never received the book and my heart just sank💔. To cut the long story short, things worked out even better😀🙏 I'm currently in New York for my #SibaUStour and I'm with her whole family to present the book to her IN PERSON.🙌 3 months before this Christmas ❤️🌲 They saw on social media that I was touring the U.S. and yesterday they drove for almost 4hrs from Philadelphia to come and meet me this morning. How awesome is that!😍 It is a privilege and a blessing to do what I do. To inspire people from different parts of the world that probably I would never have an opportunity to meet. I'm constantly in their private spaces in the comfort of their homes with my show. Some messages I get on social media in my inbox are from places I have never heard of in my life. Indeed, food made with love is a universal language that brings people together. Today is a perfect example. I know it's a long post, but hope you were inspired like I was. My day was made in New York today. The Big Apple surely did taste good on #WorldFoodDay 🍎 Much love Siba❤️ #SibaUStour #SpecialMoments #Inspiring #SibasTable #globalfamily #FoodNetwork #CookingChannel #NewYork #BigApple

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Out and about in #NewYork #SibaUStour #NewYorkStreets #sibastraveljournal ❤️✈️🌎🇺🇸💼

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