British model and actress Katie Price. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas

Katie Price “worried for the future” after giving birth to her son Harvey.

The former glamour model's eldest child - whose father is her former boyfriend Dwight Yorke - suffers from septo-optic dysplasia, which has affected his eyesight, as well causing behavioural problems, autism and mobility difficulties, and she admits she was grateful for the support of her family who helped her to be positive about the youngster's condition.

Recalling the moments after she gave birth to Harvey, who is now nine years old, Katie said: “This beautiful-looking boy in my arms that couldn’t see, move much or eat... I was worried about the future, but with the support of my family, like others who have gone through this too, you get through it and the pessimistic view can become optimistic... gradually.”

Katie - who also has a son Junior, 6, and a daughter Princess, 4, with her ex-husband - admits she has become an “expert” after asking so many question's about Harvey's condition and she has vowed to always fight for him to have the best possible chances in life.

She told Enable magazine: “After support from other parents in the same position as me with their children, they gradually gave me the courage to question the doctors. You become a kind of expert, then you ask for more support. You realise you have to push for everything for your wonderful child.

“This never stops and never will stop. My son is entitled to the best I can offer him and this is the same for every parent of a disabled child – it’s their entitlement.” - Bang Showbiz