Dj Euphonik. Picture: Supplied

Euphonik is undoubtedly one of the country’s biggest house DJs. 

With a career that spans more than two decades and includes more than 10 hit albums and countless smash singles, it’s no wonder his music is fast becoming a global hit.

It was recently announced that his single, Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend, which features Mi Casa and was released a year ago, has gone eight times platinum and has been play-listed on radio stations in Miami, Ibiza and Melbourne.

“Right now for me it’s all about global domination; when I put out new music I’m hoping that at least one person will say, ‘well that’s a dope song’, so having this song doing so well is a great feeling. It’s every artist’s dream to receive international recognition and it was so great working with Mi Casa, they are such an awesome team. Persistence and talent always pay off, but ultimately I’m humbled by this achievement and would not have been able to do this without my amazing friends,” he said.

Euphonik has collaborated with a number of musicians, but says there isn’t any formula to who he works with.

“For me, I work with who I like at that moment and it really can be anyone from Donald to Mi Casa. There isn’t a list with requirements that I have, or like I don’t sit down and have a pros and cons list, it really is just about who I like at the time”, he said.

The DJ dropped his latest single, Apologies, last month. It’s his first single for 2017 and he collaborated with up-and-coming producer Luke M and singer Thoko. “I have a very eclectic sound that I have developed over the years, not only in what I produce, but also in what I listen to and Apologies is testament to that because although it is a house track, it has deep jazz sounds which I love.”

He said he had decided to work with Thoko because of her amazing vocals. “I think you learn more when you cast your net wider so when I heard Thoko’s voice it only made sense to have her on this track.”

The award-winning DJ also has his 14th studio album coming out at the end of the month. “The new album that I’m putting together is just a body of work that represents who and what I am right now. I can honestly say that it is very different to my previous studio albums.

“I found that with my previous albums I was producing music that was on trend at the time whereas now I’m trying out different sounds and I’m not going with any particular trend. Right now my music is all about me and this album is about my maturity and understanding where I am right now in the industry. And it’s all about the music that I like. For me right now, there is nothing worse than putting out a record or an album that you feel you can’t relate to or doesn’t speak to you yet you put it together.”

Euphonik said he likes to take lessons from his earlier albums and put them into practice when producing new music.

“I enjoy the process of putting together an album and with the 13 albums already released I have learnt quite a lot and I like building from previous albums. When I look back I always say that my first album is definitely my favourite album because, for me, without the first album the rest would not have made sense,” he said.

“I can assure you that when this album drops it is going to be a very big what-the-hell moment for my fans.”

When asked about his thoughts on the house music scene in South Africa, he said: “The rest of the world is definitely looking at us because we have lots of potential but I think people within the industry must understand that times have changed and we must become adaptable. The industry was very different 20 years ago when I started out and you needed the support of a big record label behind you. Now independent labels are putting music out like myself and it’s great,” he said.

He has played at festivals across the world and toured Africa, but he said that there is no place like home.

“I love playing at different places but home is my favourite, there is no other place like it. I also enjoy playing out in Miami a lot, it’s definitely one of my favourite places too.”