Rihanna. Picture: Instagram

Rihanna shared her reaction to the opening scenes of her episode of 'Bates Motel' on Instagram Live on Monday (20.03.17) and said she couldn't stand watching it back.

The 'Work' hitmaker shared a video of herself viewing her sex scenes in 'Psycho' prequel 'Bates Motel' on Instagram Live on Monday evening (20.03.17) in her debut episode of the new series of the thriller show as Marion Crane, Norman Bates' victim.

In the clip, Rihanna covered her face during the scene where she gets intimate with her on-screen boyfriend, Sam Loomis (Austin Nichols).

The 29-year-old Bajan beauty cringed as she admitted she can't stand the sound of her own voice.

She said: "This is so weird, oh my God. I can't. I can't hear my voice. It's, like, gross!"

She proposed to her followers that she should down a shot of tequila every time she uttered the name "Norman" on the show.

In her opening scenes, Rihanna debuted a short red bob hairdo as she got down and dirty with her lover before asking him to marry her after he revealed he is in debt.

Marion then decided to follow him to the motel in Oregon.

Rihanna appears in just two episodes in the upcoming fifth season, which will be the series' final run.

On casting the R&B superstar, executive producers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin previously said: "We wanted to thrust the iconic role into a contemporary spotlight and redefine it in a meaningful and exciting new way. We also heard Rihanna was a fan of the show, and we were huge fans of hers, so it was the perfect collision of creativity and fate."

Carlton teased at the time that Marion's introduction would be "a big moment", and explained: "We will be colliding with certain events in the narrative of the film, but it would be boring to just recreate 'Psycho'."