Therese Owen

Durban vocalist Tamasha Gambushe, aka Tamarsha, is the winner of the Metro FM Music Awards Black Carpet Presenter Search. She now has the unenviable task of interviewing the musicians and celebrities as they arrive on the black carpet for RGB’s live broadcast of the awards ceremony which will air on SABC1 from 6pm on Saturday.

This type of presenting is a high-pressure job and normally handled by far more experienced presenters like Bonang and Zizo Bida (a co-presenter on the night). Mistakes on live tele- vision cannot be rectified because, well, it’s live. This begs the question why the SABC thinks it’s a great idea to place a first-time presenter in such a potentially compromising position. If Tamarsha messes up (pictured), not only will she look silly, but RGB will look unprofessional and it will reflect negatively on the Metro FM Music Awards on a broader level. That is the worst-case scenario.

Tamarsha, however, is confident about her role. As of Wednesday last week she has been in intensive training and will also have the back- up of two professional presenters on the night.

“I have had four days of training and pre- paration which has equipped me for when I get to the black carpet, which is awesome,” she smiled.

“I am grateful that I have this opportunity and that they could see that in me.”

The competition was the brainchild of the SABC and pushed across many channels. It was driven by Selimathunzi which ran the competition.

On Tuesday night the show announced the winner and it was then that Tamarsha learnt of her triumph.

“My home was packed with family members and when I won they all screamed so loudly. I had the jitters before, during and after the show.”

The prize included an interview on Metro FM’s drive time show, The Touch Down, with T’bo Touch and his pseudo-American accent. She was interviewed on SABC1’s Mzansi Insider, Metro FM’s show with Phat Joe, The Real Phat Joe, as well as Ukhozi FM. The whole experience was filmed by Selimathunzi and will be flighted on March 4 in their regular time slot at 7pm.

“The insert will be part of a Metro FM package,” said producer, Baby Joe.

Tamarsha is no stranger to the entertainment industry. She released her debut album, Ain’t Giving Up, when she was 17 and was nominated for a South African Music Award (Best R&B/Neo-Soul Album, 2009) at age 18. She featured Slikour, Loyiso Bala and a then-unknown Ziyonne on the album.

“Ziyonne raps on the album,” she laughs.

“Shortly after that he formed Liquideep as the vocalist. We didn’t know he could sing!”

Tamarsha has also featured on tracks by Teargas, HHP and Khuli Chana.

She is working on a new album with Durban producers and the well known Octave Couplet. She says she wants to be a triple threat in the music industry. “I want to excel on radio, music and TV. I love the entertainment industry. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

As for her outfit on Saturday night, Tamarsha says she hasn’t made a decision yet. “This has all happened so fast. I have had a few offers though.”