Troubled actor Charlie Sheen.
Troubled actor Charlie Sheen.

Sheen to throw party for his own funeral

By Time of article published Aug 8, 2011

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Charlie Sheen is throwing a party to watch his own funeral on 'Two and a Half Men'.

The actor claims he isn't angry about the sitcom – which he was fired from earlier this year after a fallout with co-creator Chuck Lorre - continuing without his character, Charlie Harper, and is looking forward to watching the first episode of the ninth series, set at his funeral.

He told “I will be watching my fake funeral, attended by my fake ex-girlfriends, from my very, very real movie theater, with my very real hotties in tow (sic).”

Charlie – who at one time was the highest paid TV star in America when he appeared in 'Two and a Half Men' - was eventually fired from the comedy series after concerns were raised about is conduct off set, with him going on drug binges and partying with porn stars.

He has been replaced by Ashton Kutcher, who will play Walden Schmidt, a broken-hearted internet billionaire who purchases Charlie's house after his death.

The funeral will be attended by a host of Charlie's characters former girlfriends as well as his brother Alan (Jon Cryer) and nephew Jake (Angus T. Jones), who will stay in the house when Walden buys it and moves in.

Although Ashton reportedly ruffled a few feathers on set by turning up with a huge trailer, which some crew members thought was “over the top,” he is now thought to have won them over with his professionalism.

A set source said of filming: “Everything so far is smooth. A little too soon to tell, but Ashton seems very likable and professional. We're all very happy to be working with him.”

'Two and a Half Men' season nine will air in the US next month. - Bang Showbiz

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