Film-making is not easy. When you watch that three-hour blockbuster, never under- estimate the work it took to put the movie together.

At the weekend I joined the Clash of the Choirs film crew as they went around Joburg in search of Gauteng hopefuls to enter the show’s second season.

We filmed the whole day yet the footage we recorded will perhaps only amount to 20 minutes after the final editing.

Zakes Bantwini led last year’s choir to victory, but this season will see Gauteng being coached by rapper Shugasmakx (pictured). So among the film crew sat the confident former Skwatta Kamp star who was sure we would put together a formidable team.

“We had just over 800 people at the auditions in Newtown, but to create the hype we also opted to go out there and search for any people who might take our fancy,” Shugasmakx said.

The search started in Alexandra township where the rapper announced on Alex Radio that he was in the area.

We later made our way to the East Rand, where Shugasmakx grew up, and even met his mother who also urged people to vote.

The day-long journey ended in Jabulani, Soweto, where some hopefuls also belted it out in the hopes of catching the rapper’s attention.

“I was given 20 cards to issue to anyone who impressed me. These cards are there to give to the person (I want to have) the chance to come to Newtown and jump the queue so they can audition again for RJ Benjamin and myself,” explained Shugasmakx.

Although several people auditioned throughout the day, it became apparent that the cards were not leaving Shugasmakx’s possession as quickly as he would have liked.

“I only gave away five cards in the end. Although that is a smaller number than what I’d expected, I am happy with what we got overall. The thing with this type of search is you never really know where to go. It’s like looking for good rappers or foot-ballers at a mall. You can’t find them just like that.

“What we were doing was simply creating hype around the show and hoping people would pitch for the actual auditions.”

Choirmasters from the other provinces include HHP, Moneoa, Zion and Robby Malinga.

Though he is confident his team is good enough to win, Shugasmakx will not under-estimate his competitors.

“It would be naive. They are all good, that’s why they are here,” he said.

While some people might be concerned about his knowledge of choral music, the rapper said he has made music of that genre before and will research the subject to broaden his knowledge.

“When people see you as a rapper they think that’s all you are good at. I do more than that. I might not have a singing voice, but I am capable of making proper melodies.

“Very few people know that I wrote the song Take it Easy, including the parts Moneoa sings. So I am going to use those skills to give me an edge in this competition,” he said.

The auditions will also be held in other areas including KwaZulu- Natal, the Free State, Mpumalanga, the Western Cape and Polokwane.