Somizi. Picture: Instagram

Somizi is known for changing his look constantly and now the local star is sporting long blond braids.

The Fresh Breakfast Show presenter is ready to whip his hair back and forth and we're not be mad at him.

The SAMAs host has been in hot water after Zahara threatened to take legal action against him after he made a joke about the songstress at the awards show.

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Somizi did apologise to Zahara saying: "I only mentioned bar and her name, not alcohol. But if that offended her I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt or harm her. It was just a joke."

Zahara, however, did not find the joke funny and served Somizi with a warning letter.

Somaga though seems to be unfazed and is feeling his new hair.

I see u. I feel u. Go get them tiger

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When nothing and no one can spoil yo day.

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