London - For millions they are an essential part of modern life.

But a surprisingly large number of us have never tried everyday experiences of the contemporary age such as sending emails, travelling by plane or buying a takeaway coffee.

According to a survey, 23 percent of Britons have never flown in a plane or visited our nearest neighbour, France.

Furthermore, 19 percent of us have never been inside a McDonald’s restaurant, and 30 percent have never bought a takeaway cappuccino or latte.

Despite rapid technological change, 16 percent have managed to avoid sending an email, with five percent never having used the internet and six percent a mobile phone.

The research, conducted by internet search engine Ask Jeeves, found that 28 percent have never watched the X Factor on TV and 54 percent have never sung at a karaoke evening. The poll of 1,000 people also discovered that nine percent have never seen a James Bond film even though they have been around for 50 years, while 36 percent have never attended a football match.

Even in these days of traffic gridlock and congested motorways, 18 percent of adults have never owned a car.

The research also found that 68 percent of people have never been skiing, confirming that it is still a pastime for the better-off.

An Ask Jeeves spokesman said: “It is surprising to find that significant numbers of people have never tried things that other take for granted in their everyday lives.

“From air travel to emails and even mobile phones, it seems some people are managing to get on perfectly well in their lives without modern day distractions.” - Daily Mail