Lara de Matos

And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain… At least, we’re guessing that’s what Philip must have been saying to himself when he realised his head was on the chopping block.

Just how Dave (the main thorn in Philip’s side since the game started) managed to evade eviction yet again, while ol’ Phil was sent packing, will probably grate him for some time to come.

Ah, well. At least he leaves with a whole lotta sugar cane in his fire-fighter belly.


“Today on Survivor, it’s been a nyama day!”

David de Wet: farrier, turned reality TV contestant, turned Chicken Licken spokesman.


He may be hailed as a sporting hero, but Jonty Rhodes’ penchant for swopping wives and fiancées has been the main talking point per- taining to him of late. So being the ladies’ man that he is, can you really blame us for the fact our minds went in an, ahem, altogether different direction when you gushingly declared that “Jonty brought happiness to my mouth”, Gena? Sies!


And this week’s award goes to… Corne. No, wait. Graham. Hold on, Zavion also put on quite a good show. Ah hell, let’s just make it a three-way (now, now children: keep it clean).


Ah, Philip, here you are again. Mocking sweet Zavion and his effeminate speech patterns… tsk, tsk. (Okay, we’ll admit, we laughed.)


Finally, Krige shows us the stuff that made him a ferocious contender on the rugby field!

While initially expressing his disappointment at the team’s decision to zone in on Philip (leading us to believe he would play the immunity idol on his behalf), he expressed his distinct distaste upon learning that Philip had with- held food from the tribe – but not before declaring: “I’m in it now (the game). I’ll go along with the majority decision, but if I really disagree with that decision, I’ll (pause) abuse my power.”


Mark was rather low-key this round. Still, when your team keeps losing the challenges, it’s difficult to remain upbeat – until you take the title that most matters, that is: tribal immunity! As Fish phrased it: “We’re (Utara) not eating enough, we’re not getting enough sleep, but then we still go and win immunity. It just shows what the human spirit is capable of.” Amen.


Corne called it when he indicated to Nico that Selatan securing Jonty’s services wasn’t necessarily a feather in their tribal cap, given that they’ve “won” all the previous sporting stars, to no avail.

(Selatan has lost every immunity challenge since a sports legend was brought on to supposedly assist them).

But, as the cricketer himself said: “Survivor is called Survivor, because it’s exactly that. It’s not I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here.”

Though, given the sports personalities’ performances – or lack thereof – perhaps that’s precisely what the producers should do: get them the hell outta there!

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