Cameron Diaz has revealed she looks like a "swamp monster" when she is at home.

The gorgeous 37-year-actress - who is known for her glamorous red carpet outfits - admits she is more comfortable in baggy sweats than designer duds.

And the former model who plays ogre Princess Fiona in the Shrek movies also confessed that she doesn't like to wear make-up when she's off duty.

Speaking to German magazine TV Movie, she admitted, "At home I wear tracksuit trousers and a T-shirt. I don't put make-up on and actually do look a bit like a swamp monster."

Cameron admits her fashion preferences are not the only thing she has in common with her animated character.

Revealing how attached she has become to Fiona - who she voices for the final time in Shrek Forever After - she said "I'm going to miss Fiona a lot. She's become a part of me."

Like Fiona, Cameron is used to taking her fate into her own hands saying: "I've been doing that for a long time now. The person I rely on the most is me."