Migraine headache illustration for Verve.  Model Nkosi Ngcobo.
Migraine headache illustration for Verve. Model Nkosi Ngcobo.

Taking sick leave? We don’t believe you

By Daily Mail Time of article published Oct 27, 2015

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London - Most workers might be rolling their eyes when their colleagues call in sick, according to a new survey in the US.

In the survey of 1 000 people conducted by ColdEeze.com, a whopping 80 percent admitted that sometimes they don’t think their colleagues are telling the truth when they call in sick, and seven percent think co-workers are always lying.

The biggest red flags? When it’s a Friday or Monday, or that the staff member seemed fine the day before, not to mention the old “they don’t sound sick on the phone” test.

Meanwhile, 78 percent thought as many as half of their colleagues fake sickness at one point or another, and 43 percent said a fellow worker has actually confessed to them about faking sickness.

Another 18 percent said they were bold enough to confront a colleague or employee when they became suspicious.

Seven percent say they’ve actually tried to find proof, mostly by scouring social media accounts or calling the worker at home.

Other top sleuthing strategies involve driving past the colleague’s home, picking the brains of fellow workers and directly interrogating the staff member in question.

More than half of those surveyed – 57 percent – admitted to calling in sick when they weren’t really sick themselves.

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1. It’s a Friday or Monday.

2. They seemed fine the day before.

3. They sound fine/not sick on the phone.

4. It’s a day after a holiday.

5. They repeatedly call in sick.

6. Their excuse is weak.

7. Coincides with event/ occasion they have been already discussing.

8. When they start preparing you the day before for being sick.

9. Talking about their activities that happened the day they were away.

10. Colleagues can’t keep up with the lie they told /they tell more lies.



1. I just don’t feel well.

2. Stomach digestive problems.

3. Migraine headache.

4. Sore throat/laryngitis.

5. “Issue” with the house/flat.

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