Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, author Vicky Vlachonis, and actress Cameron Diaz celebrate the launch of The Body Doesn't Lie by Vicky Vlachonis earlier this year. Picture: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Goop

London - They famously announced they were “consciously uncoupling”, and now Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have taken their very civilised separation to a new level by hiring an “emotional guru” to help ease the pain of their split.

Celebrity healer Vicky Vlachonis, 39, who claims she helped Princes William and Harry deal with the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, is paying weekly 90-minute visits to Paltrow and Martin to administer a range of wacky treatments – including a “Morning Glory” ritual, salt-and-pepper baths, “Tibetan Rites” and “positive self-affirmation” chanting.

Greek-born Vlachonis was introduced to Paltrow, 41, by fashion designer Stella McCartney 11 years ago and treats a host of stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Elton John, Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry.

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, she said: “We are extremely close. They are like family to me and I have been through so much with them. I visit their home every week for at least an hour and a half. I turn up with my table and we start by talking about what issues are going on in their lives.

“I treat the whole family, including the children.”

She revealed: “I work on the whole body using techniques including acupuncture, reflexology, cupping. It’s about helping the family find balance. Emotional and physical pain are one and the same thing. My goal is to help people face their pain, learn what is causing it and then use the tools I give them to release that pain.”

Vlachonis has introduced the couple to her “pain toolbox”, a set of coping mechanisms which they follow “religiously”.

First there is the “Morning Glory” - a warm water and lemon drink designed to “flush out” the liver. It is followed by a series of yoga poses called Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, and an all-over “body brush” with a stiff-bristled brush aimed at stimulating the skin and draining the lymphatic system.

The couple also follow the “Positive Feedback Program” which includes chanting “self-affirming” mantras such as “I am grateful for all I have. I love my body. I give myself the gift of forgiveness and I am free”.

Vlachonis recommends a nightly soak of Epsom salts and black pepper oil, to “soak troubles away”.

The healer, who moved to Los Angeles from London 18 months ago, adds: “I create a safe place where they can let go. It’s all about trust.”

Vlachonis has been dubbed the “Pain Gangster” and “Vixster the Fixer” by Paltrow.

She treats the actress and Coldplay singer Martin, 37 - who split in March after 10 years of marriage - at their two luxury properties in Los Angeles.

Paltrow gushes about how Vlachonis transformed her life in a foreword to the healer’s new book, The Body Doesn’t Lie, saying: “I’d been running fast, to put distance between myself and parts of my life I didn’t want to face, and Vicky made me slow to a jog until I came to understand that some emotions can never be outrun.

“I had to stop, turn and face them so I could work through the issues and find peace.”

The actress adds that she often enjoys a “cleansing cry” on the treatment table. “I can feel the ache and the sadness start to melt away.

“She understands that the pain almost always connects to the heart. She’s taught me to face pain, feel it and let it go.”

Recalling her meeting with the Princes, Vlachonis said: “I went to see them in 1997 just after their mother died. It was an osteopathic treatment at the Palace to treat physical and emotional pain.”

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