Riky Rick. Picture: Twitter

The war between Riky Rick and Mabala Noise is finally over after a heated battle since Riky's shocking annoucement back in March.

For those who forgot what happedned, in March Riky Rick posted on Twitter that he decided to leave Mabala Noise after a prayer and a conversation with God.

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Earlier in the year the Sondela rapper caused quite the uproar at the 2017 Metro FM awards when he declared that the music on radio is "trash" and the real music is online.

A few weeks later he announced his departure from Mabala Noise while the Head of Communications, Hloni Gumede, stated that they were "unaware" of Riky's decision.

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He added that they โ€œwould never hold an artist back who wants to leaveโ€.

It seems that all the drama is in the past and that all is well between Riky Rick and Mabala Noise.

The rapper posted on Wednesday that, "The war is over. Mabala Noise and I have decided to let bygones be bygones and officially decided to go our separate ways... #Blessed"