George Clooney is "scared" of weapons.

The 49-year-old actor has become accustomed to handling firearms, both through his movie work and his upbringing in Kentucky, but insists he still feels uncomfortable around them.

He said: "Guns, rifles - there's something frightening about them. Still. Although I've grown up with them in Kentucky and although I've had to use them in a lot of my films. I've learnt to use them, but I'm still scared of them."

The Men Who Stare At Ghosts star also insisted he isn't worried about getting older or losing his looks as he thinks his advancing years mean he is offered more diverse acting roles.

Explaining why he has never been typecast, he told Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper: "That's down to lack of success. No, really. Being hugely successful in a certain role or genre comes with the risk of being typecast. So far I was lucky - in moderation.

"The second reason is my advanced age. I'm literally aging before your faces I'm not vain though. I welcome it, the ageing. Otherwise I would have coloured my hair by now.

"Of course I'm not offered the role of the romantic hero that often anymore, but at my age I get to do more and more character roles."